Introducing North Forsyth’s New Faculty and Staff


North Forsyth High School welcomes 15 teachers and counselors to the staff this year. Mrs. Adams, the counselor for last names B-Da, spent last year at North as an intern.

Matthew McFadden, Staff Writer

Many changes have taken place at North since last May, including the addition of fifteen new teachers and counselors.  With such a large group of new faculty, it is very important for them to be introduced so that students can welcome them properly.

Mrs. Garner teaches one sophomore and four freshman math classes.  Currently in her fourth year of teaching, she taught one year at Lambert High School and two years at East Jackson High School.  She most enjoys the “Aha!” moment a student experiences when he or she understands something.

Mrs. Gunby teaches Accelerated Algebra I, Honors Geometry, and Algebra Support.  She taught at Davis Middle School and Riverwatch Middle School, and she had her own in-home Montessori Preschool class for eight years.  Her favorite part of teaching is connecting and forming relationships with her students, as well as helping them enjoy math.  This is her tenth year of teaching.

Mr. Kenney is the new assistant band director.  He teaches Music Appreciation and Music Technology, and he also helps out with the band and percussion classes.  He taught for two years at Woodland High School in Henry County.  He enjoys teaching music and encouraging people to learn and appreciate different pieces of music.

Mr. Lesosky teaches both 9th grade and 11th grade English.  He is in his 14th year of teaching, and he believes that the best part of his job comes from the epiphanies that students have when they understand a concept.  He taught in inner-city Detroit and North Carolina, and he also teaches a creative writing class at Duke University every other summer.

Mrs. Gilliom teaches 10th grade English, and she continues in her 10th year of teaching.  She taught in Florida for nine years.  She most enjoys the interaction with the kids and encouraging them to reach their fullest potential.

Mr. Eggleston teaches AP World History and AP U.S. History.  Currently in his tenth year of teaching, he taught at Horizon Christian Academy for nine years.  He enjoys interacting and developing relationships with students.

Mrs. Wood teaches World History and Current Issues.  She has taught at Parkview High School in Gwinnett County and Lambert High School, and she most enjoys forming relationships with her students and making history fun for them.  This is her eighth year of teaching.

Mrs. Kersh teaches Pre-calculus and Advanced Mathematical Decision Making.  This is her 20th year teaching public school.  Prior to her years in public school, she tutored while she was a stay-at-home mom.  She finds the most enjoyment from her job from her students.

Mrs. Grogan teaches Introduction to Healthcare, Essentials of Healthcare, and Advanced Sports Medicine.  This is her first year of teaching, as prior to this year, she was a nurse.  So far, she most enjoys getting to know her students and their interest in healthcare.

Mrs. Childress teaches Food Nutrition and Wellness and Food for Life.  This is her ninth year of teaching in total.  She has taught in Tennessee for two years and North Carolina for two years.  She loves relationships with students and passing along information in a fun way.

Mrs. Selvig is a paraprofessional at North this year.  She has been substitute teaching at multiple schools in the county, including North Forsyth High School.  She loves education because she believes we are all lifelong learners.

Mr. Loveless teaches AP Human Geography and Psychology.  He has been teaching for 20 years, 16 of which have been spent at South Forsyth High School.  Prior to that, he taught middle school in Athens, GA and Beaufort, SC.  He loves how every day is different, and he believes that the personalities, the smiles, and the discoveries all make work a blessing for him.

Mr. Brock teaches on-level Chemistry and Honors Chemistry for the School of Engineering.  This is his sixth year as a science teacher, but prior to teaching at Lambert High School, he did one semester of student teaching here, at North, in 2010.  Mr. Brock finds great joy in interacting with students, helping them understand the content, and using comedy in the classroom.

Mrs. Adams is the counselor for students whose last names start with the letters B-Da.  This is her first year as a counselor, but she spent last year at North as an intern.  She enjoys getting to know her students and helping them achieve their goals.

Mrs. Hampton is the counselor for students whose last names start with Ho-Mi.  She is currently in her first year as a counselor.  She loves having the opportunity to help guide students.  Before this year, she worked at K-8 schools, but she enjoys working at a high school because she can have more in-depth conversations.

It is very exciting to have so many new staff members joining us this year!  As you see them around the school, make sure to welcome them and tell them how glad we are to have them.