How Accessories Help Define Our Individuality


JoAnn Ahn

Simple bracelets can be paired with one another to display the special meanings behind them. In this case, Senior Perri Rabbitt wears her pink, handmade bracelet from Kenya and a “Live in Love” bracelet to reflect her support and inspiration.

JoAnn Ahn, Staff Writer

When taking notice of the small details of the people around, it may be easy to recognize all of the jewelry and accessories they place on themselves. Although many people pay no attention to these details, it is clear to most that they have the ability to amp up or bring a little sparkle to any given outfit. Accessories show individual styles, display their interests, special possessions, and personalities. At North Forsyth High, a variety of students and faculty are found wearing their personal, unique pieces, whether they may be bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, or hair accessories.