What Depression Looks Like

“Depression is not an easy thing for me to discuss. Describing it is an obstacle all on its own. I feel as if the entire world has turned against me, and I have absolutely no one to turn to. All happiness that once resided within me has disappeared and I am left with dust clouding my vision. Then the anxiety begins. My hands shake, and I only beg to be back home and safe in my bed, letting my covers seclude me from the world’s judgmental eyes. I leave class just to beat the crowd and hope no one says a word behind me. This is why I have music to provide a pathway for me, telling me it is going to get better. A slight smile will then appear upon my lips as I realize…I can beat this.”

Tiffany Lovell, Staff Writer

The dark secret of depression is that many teens today are diagnosed with this mental illness. Some hide it with smiles while some just hide their hands in their jacket and carry on with their day. It is not something it joke about, but an important topic that must be discussed.

**Disclaimer: All of the students who provided personal thoughts are receiving professional guidance or have prevailed over the mental illness already.