The Cards Tell All

Jacob Blodgett, Staff Writer

When an average person thinks of psychic readings, they immediately think of the strange crystal ball on the table; however, this is not the only way to read someone’s fortune. Among the psychics arsenal of knowledge is a simple deck of cards: Tarot Cards.

When reading someone, it is best to not have an opinion about the person. A Tarot (pronounced “tarrow”) reading is a reading of energies that are transferred and displayed by the cards. An average person would think that the cards have one specific meaning; however, this is not true. The cards have many elements to them that carry their own meanings. For example, the Fool card displays a white dog, bounding with The Fool or the white rose in The Fool’s hand. A psychic is not supposed to read by one certain meaning, but based on what their inner eye is drawn to first.

The more famous of the various cards are the Major Arcana. These cards are associated with psychics and their readings. The reason is simple: they represent figures that people can associate with easily. Figures such as the Hermit or the Empress can represent different people and events in one’s life.

22 cards are associated with the Major Arcana. Each card has a short description of what makes them unique.