The Cards Tell All

Jacob Blodgett, Staff Writer

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  • 0 The Fool- The Fool is the perfect card to start learning with because it symbolizes the beginning of a journey. Unaware of what will happen, The Fool takes only what he needs (the sack on the stick) and sets off., yet he is oblivious to what will happen and could encounter problems if the path of obliviousness is followed (the cliff).

  • 1 The Magician- Now that the journey has begun, the Magician comes into play. The Magician symbolizes a transformation by turning intentions into actions. On the table are the four suits of the Minor Arcana cards, signifying that The Magician has the necessary equipment to turn his thoughts into reality.

  • 2 The High Priestess- This card signifies a strong feminine energy in the sense of intuition. Flanking The Priestess are two pillars with a “J” and a “B”. These signify the two pillars of The Temple of Solomon, a temple of knowledge. Within her hands, she holds a scroll with the single word “truth”. This card is saying to trust the inner voice and follow it to a higher wisdom.

  • 3 The Empress- The Empress holds the power of abundance and pleasures of the senses. Around The Empress are signs of abundance of nature that lie in a throne of cushions. The Empress can be a symbol of life due to the nature around her or it can signify that one must indulge their senses by doing what they love.

  • 4 The Emperor- The powerful, masculine energy within the Major Arcana is a symbol of authority and structure. The Emperor sits upon a stone throne, representing satiability in a situation. While he sits on the throne, he has armor on his legs, signifying that he is a leader and will act in the interest of his subjects, much like a father.

  • 5 The Hierophant(Pope)- The Magician is ready to go out into the world, but he needs to be educated. The Hierophant represents formal education and a belief system. In the image, there are many crosses, symbolizing a religious belief and learning something new from religion.

  • 6 The Lovers- This card simply represents a union out of love and the choices that led the male and female together. The angel in the background represents a divine force that guides the two together. This can mean that through acts of love and understanding each other, they came to a place where they can be happy together: Eden.

  • 7 The Chariot- The Chariot is a card that invokes a sense of righteousness within the one being read. The card is a symbol of a victory in a conflict through the use of inner wisdom. The sphinxes that flank The Chariot are the same colors as the pillars behind The High Priestess, thus showing wisdom in a physical state.

  • 8 Strength- In a card reading, Strength can have a variety of meanings. It could mean physical strength to complete a task, or it could mean inner strength. In the image, there is a man taming a lion. The image holds power because one does not know if the man is using physical strength or strength of will to tame the beast.

  • 9 The Hermit- The Hermit is a reclusive creature of habit. He hides in a place where he does not have to worry about the world below him, yet he carries a lantern to let others know that he is there for his wisdom.

  • 10 Wheel of Fortune- The Wheel of Fortune represents the wheel of life. It shows that wisdom, symbolized by the four animals reading books, continues to adapt and grow. However, with wisdom comes others who would abuse it, shown by the snake and the demon-like creature. One must trust in destiny and pass what they have learned to others so they may turn away from the demon.

  • 11 Justice- Justice is a difficult card to read because Justice has different meanings to different people. The man holds both scales and a sword. The scales represent a way to peacefully resolve an issue and to judge overall, while the sword symbolizes action in justice and what must be done to make sure the scales are balanced.

  • 12 The Hanged Man- At first glance, The Hanged Man is a strange card. He hangs by his ankle and has a halo around his head. The Hanged Man represents a new perspective, a new way to view the world. While it may not be as large of a change as a new perspective, the one being read could learn to see something in a new way by looking at it from a different perspective.

  • 13 Death- Along with The Devil, Death is one of the most misunderstood cards of the Major Arcana cards. Death does not only mean death, for when something falls, something else will grow and take over what was left. On the horizon the sun, signifying a new day is rising. On the water, a ship is sailing to some place new, and starts a new beginning.

  • 14 Temperance- Temperance is something that cannot be easily explained. It symbolizes a balance of two objects. The management of these things can affect the one being read, and that person must determine what to do in order to keep them balanced.

  • 15 The Devil- This card is not a sign of pure evil; this card is a symbol of some type of violence or bondage to something that can damage one’s progress.

  • 16 The Tower- The Tower is an interesting card; in the image, The Tower is being struck down by divine lightning, yet a crown is being blown off The Tower and people are being expelled from the tower. This could mean that these men were once great, but are humbled by divine intervention. It is not something to be feared, but rather something to learn modesty from and to appreciate it.

  • 17 The Star- In the image, there is a woman emptying vases of water into a pool during what appears to be a starlit night. An interpretation could be that the woman is giving back and the stars could mean that there is something bright in her future.

  • 18 The Moon- In the path of the one being read, there are two wolves that are visible in the moonlight and behind the wolves are towers. The wolves signify hidden dangers that are in the path of the wanderer, while the towers in the distance give shelter from dangers.

  • 19 The Sun- The Sun is a symbol of life and a new day. This card is something to look forward to because it means that a new day or new life is about to begin and take the traveler to many new places.

  • 20 Judgment- Judgment is a card that cannot be easily read. An angel in the clouds blows on a trumpet and calls for the ones below to rise and renew themselves. In a reading, this could mean that an outcome has been reached, and they are ready to set new goals.

  • 21 The World- The World is a big place, and though it is easy to lose oneself along the road, the world will care for those who ask for her help. In the end, the traveler knows that they have succeeded in what they set out to do: learn more and grow.

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When an average person thinks of psychic readings, they immediately think of the strange crystal ball on the table; however, this is not the only way to read someone’s fortune. Among the psychics arsenal of knowledge is a simple deck of cards: Tarot Cards.

When reading someone, it is best to not have an opinion about the person. A Tarot (pronounced “tarrow”) reading is a reading of energies that are transferred and displayed by the cards. An average person would think that the cards have one specific meaning; however, this is not true. The cards have many elements to them that carry their own meanings. For example, the Fool card displays a white dog, bounding with The Fool or the white rose in The Fool’s hand. A psychic is not supposed to read by one certain meaning, but based on what their inner eye is drawn to first.

The more famous of the various cards are the Major Arcana. These cards are associated with psychics and their readings. The reason is simple: they represent figures that people can associate with easily. Figures such as the Hermit or the Empress can represent different people and events in one’s life.

22 cards are associated with the Major Arcana. Each card has a short description of what makes them unique.