Adventures in Summertime

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  • Seniors Meghan Lee and Erin Dickman spend the last night of their three day vacation dancing to and enjoying the melodies of the jazz music street performers in Miami Beach, Florida.

  • Dance Majors of the prestigious Georgia Governor’s Honor Program located on the campus of Valdosta State University perform a tap dance number of their show entitled “Who am I.” High school students who were enrolled in this dance program choreographed and rehearsed the show for the duration of the four week program, which provided an adventure that many students may not have experienced otherwise.

  • A day in the scalding Savannah, Georgia sun leaves my feet with a sunburn that outlines my sandal straps. Temperatures can reach well above 95 degrees Fahrenheit on some of the hottest days, but inconvenient pains like these are a small price to pay for the outdoor adventure that summer can provide in South Georgia.

  • Senior Erin Dickman relaxes in a hammock between two palms on Fort Lauderdale beach, Florida.

  • Senior Nick Palmer smiles as he flaunts his first catch of the day. The Intercoastal Waterway of Florida provides an adequate challenge for local citizens and tourists who fish for sport, as many species of elusive fish live there. These anglers try to weed out the common catches such as catfish, and seek species with more rarity such as Red Drum, Flounder, and Sea Trout.

  • A landscaper’s gloves lay on the pavement: a tattered and sweaty testament to a hot day’s hard labor. Apprenticeships are common for teens that wish to pursue jobs during summertime, and learning from a master of a trade can be an enriching for someone who is coming of age.

  • Senior Eric Decker, an avid adventurer, poses for a picture with a box turtle that he snagged out of the Etowah River in North Georgia.

  • Like moths to a flame, neon lights attract party going adults to the bars on the beachfront strip in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

  • Senior Erin Dickman smiles as she climbs into a naturally formed cave on the side of Blood Mountain in North Georgia. Blood Mountain is one of the trailheads for the Appalachian Trail, which stretches from Georgia to Maine. Because this trail draws such a high volume of avid hikers, a huge variety of eclectic and interesting characters are seen here.

  • In the middle of Dawson Forest Nature Preserve amongst ruins of a Cold War era military base, Thom, an unknown person, leaves an inscription of his name along with a few mysterious symbols.

  • Senior Nick Palmer wades out into the water of an island in Lake Lanier to watch the sun set. One summer day, in an attempt to cure boredom, he and his friends decided to load into an old canoe to see if they could make it to an island on the lake, but the sun set before they could return, leaving them to spend a night under the stars.

  • Three young men attempt an intimidating climb on the side of the Etowah River. The water on the bottom of the face was exceptionally shallow, making the climb all the more dangerous.

  • A shriek comes from the bathroom of the mountain cabin that a family had rented for a weekend retreat in Ellijay, Georgia.

  • Because of the impenetrable vegetation that grows on the surface of the swamp, air boating is the most effective form of transportation in the Florida Everglades. These particular airboats are powered by two v-8 Chevrolet big block engines, giving the propellers massive amounts of power.

  • For some, summer is a time of reunion. After a four month tour in South Korea, a young father surprises his two children by interrupting their breakfast at IHOP.

  • As we slowly slip out of the hazy excitement of the summer months and into the dreamy realism of fall, we will remember a time where the responsibilities were few and the adventures were plenty. Until next year, summer will be constantly fleeting on the edge of our imagination.

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Summer is a time to be savored and cherished while it lasts, and as we move deeper and deeper into the clutches of the school year, the burning memory of the summer sun will stay with us in the back of our minds.