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(Photo by Leilani Gibbons) Discover the High Museum, Atlanta’s largest and highest quality museum of art.

The Height of the High

Jack Kern, Staff Writer November 19, 2015

The High Museum of Art in Atlanta has an exhibit for everyone with their current collection of pieces. The High Museum is regarded as the most prestigious museums in the city, as it holds works of any...

This photo that I took in Chinatown, NYC, was later edited using the Photo Editor by Aviary which includes the incredible “splash” feature.

Top 5 Best (and Free) Photo Editing Apps

Austin Gray, Staff Writer May 4, 2015

In our day and age, phones are used for a great multitude of things: taking pictures, playing games, contacting friends, reading books, browsing online, accessing Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and all other...

The book heavily centers around photography, and the characters mainly spend their time at school in photography class.

A Curveball Worth Reading

Seth Anderson, Staff Writer March 23, 2015

For many years, my English teachers have told me about Jordan Sonnenblick, an author who writes books for teenagers like me, we would have rather been playing video games or reading books about sports....

After much though and preparation, Team Nixie developed a superb design that blew the judges and viewers away. Team Nixie should be proud of their brilliant machine that swept the competition away. “We all have moments we want to remember, we all have moments we want to capture and maybe to even share them later. Nixie takes the picture you wish you had always had but couldn’t because you didn’t want to stop the action” says lead member of Team Nixie, Jelena Jovanoic. This incredible design will prove to be not only compact and practical but will take the colliding worlds of photography and technology to the next level.

Nixie: the Next Best Thing in the World of Technology

Austin Gray, Staff Writer February 12, 2015

This year, one of the world’s leading technology companies, INTEL (Integrated Electronics), led a contest to find the next big item in wearable technology. While searching for the world’s next innovator,...

Cameras have the ability to see everything. They can see down into the depths of the ocean, and also up, millions of miles into space. Furthermore, they capture moments of time and freeze them for later enjoyment. These devices revolutionized the way people perceived the world.

The Importance of Cameras and How They Have Changed the World

Austin Gray, Staff Writer December 11, 2014

By definition, a camera is a device used for recording visual images in the form of photographs, film, or video signals; however, since the initial vision of this device, it has proven to be so much more....

Seniors Meghan Lee and Erin Dickman spend the last night of their three day vacation dancing to and enjoying the melodies of the jazz music street performers in Miami Beach, Florida.

Adventures in Summertime

Sam Perryman, Short Story Editor September 30, 2014

Summer is a time to be savored and cherished while it lasts, and as we move deeper and deeper into the clutches of the school year, the burning memory of the summer sun will stay with us in the back of...

Emily Raham and Meghan Lee smiling very enthusiastically as they have their photo taken outside of the school.

About The Artist

Hannah Burton, Staff Writer May 6, 2014

Artist portfolio: Emily Raham Emily Raham is one of the many up and coming artists in North Forsyth High School. When asked what her style of art is she said that she has not developed enough as an...

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