About The Artist

Emily Raham and Meghan Lee smiling very enthusiastically as they have their photo taken outside of the school.

Artist portfolio: Emily Raham

Emily Raham is one of the many up and coming artists in North Forsyth High School. When asked what her style of art is she said that she has not developed enough as an artist to truly be able to describe the style of art that she does.( Emily decided when she was about 7 years old that she wanted to be an artist. Emily realized that art was truly what she was passionate about when she started taking art classes in middle school and she took her passion further when she continued to take art classes in high school.) When asked what medium she preferred she said: “Oil paint. Always Oil paint”. Emily’s family didn’t really have a big impact on her art or her dreams of being an artist. Emily intends on going to school to study to be a graphic designer and go into marketing with her designs.

Artist portfolio: Meghan Lee

Meghan Lee is an enthusiastic young artist who is ready to jump into the world of photography. She says that art is something she has always wanted to pursue and ever since she was a child. She stated that her family has had a huge impact on her art and that they’ve supported her and helped her look at colleges with good art programs. When asked what Meghan wants to do with art she said photography. Meghan’s favorite type of photography is macro photography of nature. Macro photography is extreme close up photos of a person or object. She says her writing really compliments her photography and that a photojournalist would be the perfect job for her.