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Hannah Burton

Hannah Burton , Literary Magazine Art Editor

Hannah Burton is a huge mess but not always in a bad way. Every morning she wakes up and tries to tame her frizzy red mane, but she usually ends up putting it in a bun anyway. Once she’s inspired to write she can’t stop. Occasionally she’ll come up with stories in her head, but she always forgets to write them down. She has a humorous obsession with her camera and chocolate. She has a bad habit of letting things bother her but she usually conquers it. She’s very clumsy but very adventurous.

All content by Hannah Burton
Emily Raham and Meghan Lee smiling very enthusiastically as they have their photo taken outside of the school.

About The Artist

Hannah Burton, Staff Writer
May 6, 2014
            I had that dream again, 
where I wake up in the ocean, 
and the loneliness engulfs me, 
as I helplessly scream at an empty sky.

This Is Not For You

Hannah Burton, Literary Magazine Art Editor
April 7, 2014
Point Guard, Lochlain Corliss, runs down the court after having a good game.

Back On the Court

Hannah Burton, Art Editor
December 12, 2013
All band members at NFHS work as hard as they possibly can to express and share their love of music with everyone, including the student body.

[Photo] Taste of Christmas

Natalyn Kingry, Literary Magazine Editor-in-Chief
November 8, 2013
Every peaceful noon, the world is warm. It sings a song that not everyone likes to hear. Drops of sweat roll down the faces of people as they curse its heat and underestimate the suns gift because, after all, it’s just there.

Finding Serenity in Nature

Hannah Burton, Art Editor
September 18, 2013
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Hannah Burton