Back On the Court


Photo by Hannha Burton

Point Guard, Lochlain Corliss, runs down the court after having a good game.

With every fall season comes the start of basketball season. Players and coaches alike prepare for the physical and mental challenges that the sport presents. From the start of conditioning to the first official day of practice, coaches set certain goals for their players and observe the team. This is not any different for head coaches Eric Herrick (head girls coach) and Brian Moon (head boys coach). Both coaches are prepping themselves and their Raider basketball players for the 2013-2014 basketball season.

So what inspired them to be basketball Coaches?

Herrick said “It doesn’t feel like work to me. Basketball is something I’ve always enjoyed. I played in high school and in college. Coaching is just what I do. I enjoy working with the kids and watching them grow as players.”

Herrick said that the Lady Raiders have a bright season ahead of them with both of their guards being starters for three years. He also says that their post player, Avery Scarbrough, is a senior.

“We have a lot of season veterans and good leadership. I think we should be a really good basketball team.” Said Herrick.

Moon also feels that the Raiders have a good season ahead of them

“I never go into season feeling bad. Hopefully we’ll do well.” Moon said.

Moon said, that despite the fact they have some inexperienced players at the varsity level, it will be fun watching his players grow up and compete at a more challenging level. Moon has high hopes for the budding players, and he talked about one particular player he has high hopes for: Harris Roberts.

“Harris hasn’t played since his ninth grade year. He’s a little banged up right now, so we won’t get him back till Christmas. Harris is a very good athlete and he is also a good leader. I think he was incredibly instrumental with the turn-around the football team had, and hopefully he’ll have the same effect on the basketball team.” Said Moon.

Both coaches are proud of where their teams stand with each other.

“It’s no question the way they care about each other. The team chemistry is great.” Said Herrick.

“They always put the team first. You go to gyms and see kids here and there but our kids are always a unit. They care about each other.”

Moon believes that there are good qualities among his players on and off the court.

“Well yeah, and as a coach we try to make sure were doing productive things with those good qualities. They have good virtues. You know I’m not always with them, but hopefully they’re making the right decisions.” Says Moon.

This is Herrick’s tenth year coaching basketball and Moon’s twenty-ninth year coaching basketball. Both coaches enjoy they’re work to the fullest.

“I tell my wife all the time that when coaching stops being fun, I’ll stop coming,” says Herrick.

Moon says “I probably learn more from the kids than they do from me. I like to make an impact on kids through the experience of athletics. When I was growing up, the athletics I had been in made a great impact on me and hopefully I can do the same for them, even if it’s just for one person.”

Both coaches are ready for the pressure of the clock. They’re also ready to see their teams grow as units. The Raider 2013-2014 basketball season looks like it will be a promising one for both coaches and players. Coach Herrick and Coach Moon are both prepared to lead their players onto the court.