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Love doesnt exist the way you think it does.

Foolish Girl

Jen Vincent, Staff Writer November 22, 2019

It has been in front of you your whole life.  Love doesn't exist the way you think it does.  Foolish girl,  You’re killing yourself over things like friendship.  You’re just a foolish...

Pale, thin, ghosts of their former selves…

The Mirror

Jacob Blodgett, Staff Writer October 31, 2014

The mirror was cracked. It bothered her. A line snaking along the side, unnoticed then suddenly veering into view. It was ugly. To her eyes, it was an abomination of the sickest nature. Her mother said...

Point Guard, Lochlain Corliss, runs down the court after having a good game.

Back On the Court

Hannah Burton, Art Editor December 12, 2013

With every fall season comes the start of basketball season. Players and coaches alike prepare for the physical and mental challenges that the sport presents. From the start of conditioning to the first...

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