Finding Serenity in Nature

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  • When we look into nature, we forget to see the beauty. We often just see leaves attached to brown cylinders sticking out of the ground. We forget to see the butterflies grazing the flowers or the monstrous boulder waiting to launch itself from its ancient position.

  • We take no notice to the spider’s home nested high in a tree and we don’t think of its simple will to survive. We think of a web and nothing more. We forget to think of an abode to a living creature on this earth.

  • Our touch to nature is not thought to be very deep. We think it is just there but It’s more than just a part of our existence. It is part of who we are and we are part of it. Our touch is deep and is either harmful or sweet. We, as humans, leave traces of our existence everywhere we go.

  • Every peaceful noon, the world is warm. It sings a song that not everyone likes to hear. Drops of sweat roll down the faces of people as they curse its heat and underestimate the suns gift because, after all, it’s just there.

  • The cliffs produce an endless wonder. They are abundant in knowledge that they will never speak to us about because they are so old and infinite and we are simply the now.

  • We ponder the existence of a God in the sky. I believe there is not only a God in what most people call heaven, but also a God in the nature around us. He is his own creation and he is abundant in the world around us. We try to find God only in church, but he is around us in his own creation.

  • When morning sun peaks through our windows we watch the world with wonder as it forever changes. The sun is constantly moving and we are constantly hiding away from it in the depths of our houses.

  • As seasons change we watch parts of nature die as we as people also have parts of us that die throughout our lives. With each New Year we watch the earth come alive again and die all over.

  • Our material things will one day become forgotten, as sad as that seems. Nature takes what once belonged to us and rots it to a rusty skeleton that we pass over a second time.

  • It will forever be an endless cycle of nature and man colliding. We forget nature is there and we forget we left God in his creation and retreated to the shelter of a building. We will forever burn down and be reborn, only to be ripped of our innocents again. It is like a flower growing from a bush and being picked out the ground, only to die days or and new flowers being planted, only to be picked.

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