Top 5 Best (and Free) Photo Editing Apps


Austin Gray

This photo that I took in Chinatown, NYC, was later edited using the Photo Editor by Aviary which includes the incredible “splash” feature.

Austin Gray, Staff Writer

In our day and age, phones are used for a great multitude of things: taking pictures, playing games, contacting friends, reading books, browsing online, accessing Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and all other types of social media. Social media has in fact become a large part of our lives and sometimes we find it imperative to post great images for our friends to see. This list of the 5 best photo editing apps will enable you to achieve your goals of adding the best effects, edits and captions possible that make up the perfect post.

  • VSCO Cam (Free):

This app (pronounced visco) includes some fantastic advanced features that drastically enhance your photos. Another aspect of this app is its great collection of superior filters that apps such as Instagram do not have.

  • Snapseed (Free):

Snapseed, just like VSCO, has a multitude of spectacular filters and edits; however, the biggest difference is its compatibility with tablets such as iPads. Another great attribute of this specific app is its intuitive interface that is incredibly easy for all users.

  • Photo Editor by Aviary (Free):

If you are looking for an app to add such things as text drawings and stickers to your photos, then Photo Editor by Aviary is most certainly the app for you. Because this particular app is only able to conduct basic edits like brightness, crop, rotate, and filters advanced photographers may find that they’d prefer another app.

  • Pixlr Express (Free):

The most unique part of Pixlr Express is its ability to remove unwanted spots or objects in your photos. This capability is extremely useful and beneficial in numerous cases. In all Pixlr express is more of an image corrector with a variation of touch-up brushes.

  • Repix (Free):

Bored? Have nothing to do but have loads of seemingly boring pictures on your phone? Then Repix is the key to your entertainment. With its lower scale Photoshop abilities, you can draw, paint and put stickers all over your images to give them a humorous and flashy feel.