The Height of the High


(Photo by Leilani Gibbons) Discover the High Museum, Atlanta’s largest and highest quality museum of art.

Jack Kern, Staff Writer

The High Museum of Art in Atlanta has an exhibit for everyone with their current collection of pieces. The High Museum is regarded as the most prestigious museums in the city, as it holds works of any highly regarded artist like Claude Monet and Pablo Picasso in their permanent collection. Its modern, stylized architecture also makes it a set of buildings that is impossible to miss. In this article, I hope to inform both those aware and unaware of all of the quirks and calmness of the High by showcasing three of their many temporary exhibits. Feel free to click any of the hyperlinks to continue on to the High’s website articles for each exhibit.

Los Trompos

These large scale “Spinning Tops” are most likely the first exhibit you will see upon coming to the museum’s campus. Los Trompos are an interactive piece, meaning they are one of the few pieces you can actually touch at the museum. In fact, visitors are encouraged to interact with and picnic around them. This is probably the best area for families to hang around; the vibrant colors and wide open space is always great for kids. The structures themselves are made from nylon rope woven into patterns, so no worries for parents; they are completely safe for kids.

Brett Weston

Brett Weston is an American photographer who is currently being showcased at the high. He is widely renowned for his work in black and white photography and the settings he captures are amazing to experience. Any aspiring photographers should definitely give this exhibit a look, as Weston’s sense of perspective and setting for photos is incredibly inspiring. The work of a photographer with this amount of experience is incredible for any creative mind.

Michael Lin- Utah Sky

It truly is hard not to notice this piece while visiting the High, as you will catch glimpses of it on your down the spiral staircase of the Robinson Atrium section of the museum. This massive floor mural is art you can tread upon, a huge panel made to match the shape of the ground level of the atrium. The piece is truly beautiful and detailed, despite its size. I found myself walking across many times just to get a glance of every inch of it.