Long boarding

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  • “Don’t hit me”, says Brandon Gray as he nervously flies past the car. Going almost 40mph the passengers in the car tried to gain incredible action shots while the cautious driver worried about every sketchy detail. Fortunately everyone made it to the bottom all in one piece.

  • During one of Brandon Gray’s heel slides, a different perspective is able to come into view. This photo encased both Gray sliding and Nikki Zemer, taking the photograph. This photo showed a behind the scenes view of the long boarding video process.

  • As the viewers there watch in horror, Brandon Gray takes an extreme wipeout. Although he escaped with only minor injuries, Gray’s crash could have been very drastic. The road may have taken some of his skin away, but that is far from stopping him from boarding.

  • In the beating hot sun, Brandon Gray pulls yet another one of his signature slides: the toe slide. After weeks of practicing and weeks of falls, Gray was finally able to achieve one of his long boarding goals. As everyone watches in awe, this photo and many others were captured.

  • Tired from the heat and intensity, Brandon Gray slows things down a little and takes a calming cruise down this steep hill. While Gray learns the curves of the hill for his upcoming tricks, the film crew sets up for the next video. Only after cooling down will Gray be able to perform to the best of his ability.

  • As Brandon Gray shows off his tricks and shreds the hill, photographer Dom Maduri records all of the action. After being asked to help film, Maduri decided to help out and create a longboarding montage/video from the shots taken. He looks forward to coming out and filming some more.

  • After a short break, Brandon Gray tries his hardest to achieve the heel slide. Only after numerous failures, Gray was able to achieve it, enabling this photograph to be taken. Brandon now looks forward mastering the skill.

  • Both amateurs at their hobbies of photographing and longboarding, brothers Brandon Gray (left) and Austin Gray (right) talk about what shots and what tricks to try next. While other photographers and boarders there, were setting up the cameras for the next scene. Both Brandon and Austin look forward to pursuing their passions and improving their talents.

  • Tricks, tricks and more tricks. Brandon Gray’s extremely intense face reveals this thought process. The road has not been kind to him, but Gray is persistent on getting footage and mastering the art of longboarding. He longs for the day when he can take revenge on the road that once took him down.

  • After receiving numerous cuts, bruises, and injuries, Brandon Gray and his board are ready to take their revenge. Intensely focused and concentrated on his slight curves and maneuvers required to ride this hill, Brandon Gray went for the 180° slide. While doing this, Gray gives the vengeful gravel his evil- eye as he slides to a halting stop, once again making one of his signature marks on the road.

  • Here (left to right) Brandon Gray, Nikki Zemer, Dom Maduri and Austin Gray take a break from skating and filming to preview the footage. After reviewing what had been shot, Brandon Gray went back to soaring down the hills and burning some rubber.

  • After sliding, grinding and flying down hills for hours on end, local long boarder Brandon Gray holds his board high. He proudly shows its scratches and marks, signifying that day’s accomplishments like a battered old trophy. He and the film team are ready to take their equipment to the next hill so that it too can fall victim to his wrathful board.

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Austin Gray, Staff Writer

Brandon Gray is a local, amateur long boarder that is passionate about mastering the skill. After weeks of practicing, Brandon Gray asks his friends and family to come with him to get numerous action shots of him doing what he loves. Then after hours of riding, and then editing the gained footage this photo essay was created.