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New Mountain Bike Team Rides in to NFHS

This year, NFHS welcomes its very own mountain bike team to its growing collection of clubs and extracurricular activities.  North is the first school in Forsyth County to have its own team, separate from the Forsyth Composite.  (Photo used with permission from Dr. Joan Graham.)

Emily Stocksdale, Editor-in-Chief

October 30, 2018

North Forsyth High School has grown a lot over the past decade or so, and new clubs, sports teams and other organizations are being added every year. For the 2018-2019 school year, one such new addition to North is the mountain bike team. North is the first school in Forsyth County to have its own...

Sawnee Mountain Preserve Opens New Hiking Trails

The new six miles of trails travel around Sawnee Mountain and pass by Tower Road and the cell towers at the top of the mountain.  This is the third phase of Sawnee Mountain Preserve, which opened its first phase in 2005.

Matthew McFadden, Staff Writer

March 30, 2016

For those who are drawn to the many outdoor facilities that Forsyth County has to offer, the list of options has grown larger.  On Friday, January 29, the Sawnee Mountain Foundation performed the opening ceremony for the third phase of the Sawnee Mountain Preserve.  The new branch is located on the...

The Evolution of Traditional Archery

Bella Angell shooting her longbow in the woods at 3-D target competition in Tannehill, Alabama. Photo used with permission by Simply Traditional.

Bella Angell, Staff Writer

September 1, 2015

Archery is defined as the sport or skill of shooting a bow and arrow. Archery was primarily used for hunting but it is now also used in target shooting. Have you ever wondered why you find arrowheads made of stone in fields? Archery was invented in the Upper Paleolithic time period, and they could not...

Summer in Snapshots

Rhiannon Martin, Staff Writer

May 18, 2015

Summer is a wonderful time of year for students. It’s a time to unwinds, relax, and take a well needed break from the stressful life of school. With summer being a saving grace for nearly everyone, no wonder we all count down the days until our escape from everyday life.

Yakin’ about ‘Yaking

Since kayaking is such a simplistically exciting activity, hitting the waters is now possible at any time of the day. Central Bulldog Sophomore Maria Hansen and younger sister Laney Hansen love making the fifteen minute drive to Lake Lanier just before the sun sets and catching the oranges and yellows cast upon the water.

Natalie Wilson, Features Editor

December 11, 2014

Sure, tubing with friends in Helen is totally rad. Yes, boating on a summer’s day is a blast. However, if these common activities only leave a longing for a new way to hit the waters, only a paddle and a life jacket are needed - it is time to load up a car full of friends and kayak it out. Kayaking...

Long boarding

After sliding, grinding and flying down hills for hours on end, local long boarder Brandon Gray holds his board high.  He proudly shows its scratches and marks, signifying that day’s accomplishments like a battered old trophy. He and the film team are ready to take their equipment to the next hill so that it too can fall victim to his wrathful board.

Austin Gray, Staff Writer

November 13, 2014

Brandon Gray is a local, amateur long boarder that is passionate about mastering the skill. After weeks of practicing, Brandon Gray asks his friends and family to come with him to get numerous action shots of him doing what he loves. Then after hours of riding, and then editing the gained footage this...

Hiking the Gahuti Trail

Overlooking the beautiful mountains in the Fort Mountain State Park, Senior Eric Decker relaxes on a rock after a long hike on the Gahuti Trail.

Maddy James, Staff Writer

October 28, 2014

When I ask people to go hiking with me the most common answer I receive is, “It is so boring; I am not doing that.” Being an outdoor enthusiast, I cannot understand this logic. There is so much beauty outside of videogames and locked bedroom doors, and it seems impossible to me that hiking could be b...

Lost Spirit

The world reaches far beyond the bounds that any word could capture.  Out there, out in the wilderness, or even just within the walls of a foreign, exotic city lay the answers to all of life’s struggles.

Bim Peacock, Staff Writer

March 21, 2014

Let’s go play video games!  Let’s watch TV all day!  Let’s read a book about a pointless made up world similar to ours!  Let’s sit inside and rot away in the darkness! What has our culture come to?  Humans were born to trek across the world and witness the miracles of the universe.  Yet...

Spring Fever

Spring is a time of blooming. Throw on some shades, roll the windows down, turn on this playlist, and take in the sweet smell of blossoming buds.

Meredith Pirtle, Staff Writer

February 24, 2014

Step into spring with songs that reflect the effervescent energy of the season. The First Single (You Know Me)- The Format Runaways- The Killers Skip the Charades- Cold War Kids Pretty Girl From Michigan- The Avett Brothers Two Weeks- Grizzly Bear Stay Young, Go Dancing- Death Cab For Cutie Steve McQue...

Roll Your Windows Down

The exclusively approved Summer playlist by beach-goers everywhere.

Sydney Gage, Staff Writer

February 19, 2014

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