Hiking the Gahuti Trail


Maddy James

Overlooking the beautiful mountains in the Fort Mountain State Park, Senior Eric Decker relaxes on a rock after a long hike on the Gahuti Trail.

Maddy James, Staff Writer

When I ask people to go hiking with me the most common answer I receive is, “It is so boring; I am not doing that.” Being an outdoor enthusiast, I cannot understand this logic. There is so much beauty outside of videogames and locked bedroom doors, and it seems impossible to me that hiking could be boring. Living close to North Georgia is an advantage for the residents of Forsyth County, and hiking beautiful mountains is only a step outside one’s front door.

Recently I took a trip to Chatsworth, Georgia with senior Eric Decker and hiked the beautiful Gahuti Trail. Located in Fort Mountain State Park, the Gahuti Trail is an 8.2 mile loop that offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains in the state park, and has a waterfall within the trail. Although the distance seems daunting, the slightly challenging loop is well worth the strain for the stunning views that show case the changing colors of the fall leaves. The waterfall, which is part of Goldmine Branch Creek, is multi-tiered, and it is endlessly fascinating to watch the water rush below outstretched fingertips with breath-taking mountains in the distance. Also, there are four campsites (they require a permit to camp overnight, which are free at the front gate) that offer a peaceful relaxation spot to build a fire, pitch a tent, or hang a hammock for the night.

We stopped at the peak of the Gahuti Trail, and Eric spoke to me about the hike (we had already camped one night and were about a mile from the next campsite).

“It is beautiful,” Decker stated. “Being able to walk through the changing leaves and across the waterfall is awesome.” Decker proceeded to say that although the trail was somewhat difficult, he would definitely hike it again. Extremely peaceful at the peak, we watched the sun set behind the surrounding mountain while planning our next camping trip.

Hiking the Gahuti Trail was something I enjoyed thoroughly, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a fun day trip or an overnight camping spot. I would advise caution when hiking the trail (especially if exercise is not part of everyday life), as the trail can be strenuous and rocky along points. However, the views are enough to lure anyone away from the myth that “hiking is boring”; one may even wish to tell other people about the beautiful trail.