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Emily Stocksdale

Emily Stocksdale, Editor-in-Chief

As a senior in high school, Emily Stocksdale is essentially done with life.  She is only taking one class at North Forsyth High School, and yet still she is somehow afflicted with a horrid lack of motivation to attend school--or do anything, mostly.  She has been a dual enrollment student since last year and takes most of her classes through UNG, but she has been in journalism for four years now and decided that it was too great a class to give up.  Emily does have a life outside of school, surprisingly enough.  When she isn’t suffering through college classes or writing up articles for journalism, Emily enjoys petting her cat, playing piano and clarinet, reading, writing, painting, and serving in her church.  She is very involved at church and is honored to be able to serve in several areas which allow for the use of her talents, including playing piano on the youth worship team and writing curriculum for the kids ministry.  She is writing a novel which may eventually be finished (with any luck) and also dabbles in writing poetry and songs, though not well.

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A knock at the door shook him from his stupor in front of the television, and as he stood, scraping his feet slowly along the floor, several bottles clinked in protest.  A man in a black suit stood waiting for him.


May 19, 2017
He had promised never to leave her.  Now, as Lucy stands by the river, she wonders how he could have fallen back on those words.

Stiff as Granite

May 19, 2017
Near the stream, a tree was in full bloom, its flowers white and innocent against the deep blue of the sky.  Lying on the grass beneath this tree was the object which had caught her attention.

Fool’s Gold

May 2, 2016
Two Syrian boys, who fled from home with their family, walk back to their tent in a refugee camp

Syrian Refugee Crisis

December 10, 2015
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Emily Stocksdale