Volunteer Opportunities at North This Holiday Season


The toy drive hosted by NEHS is just one of several club drives at North. Try and get involved this holiday season by donating or volunteering in our community!

Emily Stocksdale, Literature Editor

The holiday season is right around the corner. The month of December has become a time which reminds people of the importance of friends and family, of the necessity of community and togetherness, and of the benefits of giving gifts and helping people in need. With Christmas and other holidays fast approaching, many students at North are taking the initiative to offer up their time or possessions to help others. Here are some ways you could get involved at North to help make this holiday season really meaningful to people in our community.

The NFHS Student Council is hosting a coat and blanket drive to help bring warmth to the holidays. From November 27 until December 1, students can bring in coats or blankets to donate to help with this charity drive. Collection boxes for these items are placed throughout the school.

What better way to celebrate Christmas than through toys? The National English Honor Society is currently accepting both books and toys. Donations can be made to boxes located in the library, the Raider Store, and the 800 hallway. The books will go to the NFHS library for student use while the toys will be donated to children in need.

If donating possessions isn’t your style, consider donating your time instead! Throughout our community, there are many volunteer opportunities. Try to get involved with the efforts of a local church or organization such as Feed the Hungry Forsyth. You could visit a nursing home or hospital, or you could even shop at a local charitable thrift store such as No Longer Bound or Abba House.