North Falls to Woodstock 17-49 in Homecoming Game

Emily Stocksdale, Literature Editor

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  • Scoring 49 total points against the Raider’s 17, the Woodstock Wolverines won against North Forsyth in the homecoming game on September 22, just before fall break. Woodstock’s #1, Noah Frith, and North’s #16, Tristan Howard, both played very impressive games; between them and the quarterbacks for both team, Garrett Bass for Woodstock and Ben Bales for North, they managed to make a great majority of the plays offensively. Still, North’s initial success and a handful of amazing plays were not enough to see the team through to a victorious game. Raider fans, dressed up in accordance with the hippie theme of the game, were disappointed to see the loss.

  • Early on in the game, things did not look so bleak for the Raiders, who managed to score the first touchdown with 4 minutes 8 seconds left in the first quarter. Raider quarterback, Ben Bales, threw a pass to #16, Tristan Howard, who ran the ball a total of 60 yards to the end zone. The first quarter ended with the Raiders ahead 7-0. However, by the close of the second quarter, the Raiders had lost this lead, lagging behind by 7 points after numerous fumbles, penalties and two Wolverine touchdowns. Although North’s # 7, Carter Mullikan, did manage to make an impressive interception early on in the quarter, the play was not enough to redeem the Raider’s many incomplete passes and failed defense.

  • Third quarter began with Woodstock’s kickoff, completed by #97. Bales threw a complete pass early in the quarter to #9, Nicky Dalmolin. North’s #4, Honus Wagner, intercepted the ball at the 29-yard line, making for a very impressive play and allowing the ball to change hands. The Raiders nearly came away with a safety after the possession change, but were stopped by Woodstock defense on the with only 3 yards to the end zone. Woodstock’s #1, Noah Frith, caught a pass in the endzone, giving Woodstock another 7 points for a total of 21.

  • After a fumble on North’s snap, the ball was recovered by #23, Daniel Marie. North made a field goal with 1 minute 47 seconds to spare, leaving the score by the end of the third quarter as North-10 and Woodstock-21. Coaches and players alike were fairly heated throughout the quarter. The start of the fourth brought a yellow flag against North, allowing for a Woodstock first down. On North’s possession, Bales threw a complete pass to Howard, who ran the ball a total of 40 yards for a first down. A 46-yard pass caught by Dalmolin a minute later allowed the Raiders to score a second touchdown. Woodstock quickly scored a fifth touchdown to even the action out a bit, with a pass thrown to their #33, who ran 75 yards into the endzone at 8 minutes 31 seconds left in the fourth quarter, and then a sixth touchdown only a minute later, bringing the score to N-17 and W-42 at 7 minutes 22 seconds left in the game. Bales was sacked at some point thereafter.

  • With 3 minutes left in the fourth quarter, Woodstock scored their seventh and final touchdown, bringing the game to a disappointing close. Amidst the defeating clang of cowbells and the continual chant, “49 points! 49 points!” from Wolverine fans, the Raiders continued to play admirably as the clock ticked away seconds. The game was certainly not what many Raiders fans had been hoping for, but the night itself was still enjoyable.

  • Halftime was passed with the annual North Forsyth Homecoming Presentation. All of the nominees were dressed elegantly in dresses or tuxedos, and they walked between the rows of ROTC soldiers, bayonets raised in salute. Ethan Teems and Gracie Hanby, North’s homecoming king and queen from the 2016-2017 school year, returned to crown the new king and queen, seniors Conner Carroll and Katherine Archer.

  • The other senior class candidates for king and queen this year included John Whitacre, Clayton Bardall and Dylan Shortt for homecoming king and JoAnn Ahn, Isabella Caracciolo and Phoebe Sweatman for homecoming queen. In addition, there were four female candidates for the freshman, sophomore and junior classes, each of whom were escorted by their fathers in the ceremony. The winner of homecoming princess for each underclassman grade level was Ella Hill, Cassidy Harvey, and Hunter Camp, respectively.

  • The NFHS Raider Marching Band performed their show at the close of the game. For any fans who stayed to watch, it was an enjoyable moment as the students marched the first three movements of their show, “Tonight,” and stood to play the fourth movement. Lamp posts were included in the show, changing colors to reflect the tone of the music. The marching band did not perform at halftime for the Homecoming Presentation, as is often customary, but they did perform numerous pep band songs during the game, and watching their show at the end was a nice way to end the night.

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