Emily’s Editorial: An Intro


Emily Stocksdale, Literature Editor

Hi, my name is Emily Stocksdale, and I am the literature editor for short stories this year.  In addition to writing essays and journalism articles, I also enjoy writing many different types of fiction, including poetry, song lyrics, and a novel I have been penning called A Point Past Reality.  My favorite color is teal, but I also love gray and dark blue.  When I am not writing or scrambling to complete various homework assignments, I like playing piano and clarinet, reading, and binge-watching old television shows like Bonanza and The Rockford Files.  I am very involved with my church, volunteering with the children’s department and the youth worship team.  Generally, I am quiet, but I prefer to think of myself as very analytical rather than shy.  I look forward to editing all the short stories before they are posted to the Raider Wire this year and being able to write a literature-related column each month.