Notes from Noah: Why We Won’t Accept the President-Elect


Noah Smith, Opinion Editor

Protests have broken out all across the nation in an attempt to make a statement against the election of Donald Trump for presidency. The vast majority of these protests have been extremely peaceful, with protesters walking through the streets of cities such as New York and Atlanta.

Many people are backing these peaceful protestors for standing up for their beliefs and challenging the status quo. However, many are against these protestors due to legitimate belief that these people may turn violent. Another subgroup, the group of contention, simply tells these protestors to “accept it and move on”. It is these people that are the real problem.

This small group sadly spoils the whole bunch. The notion that these people who have thrown their whole stakes, or even lives, into this election only to be disappointed should just “sit down” is disgusting. These are American citizens, too. Their feelings and beliefs are valid and legal, and they have the right to speak out and protest when the need arises.

If the tables were turned, I imagine it would be a similar story for the other side; however, this is our reality, and there is no need to focus on the hypothetical. Overall, this is a free nation and no matter how you swing, we all have the same rights as the next person.