Halloween to the Max! This Year’s Best Costumes


Leilani Gibbons, Features Editor

With the new Star Wars movie being released earlier this year and a plethora of scary movies, Halloween saw a large range of new and exciting costumes this year. Despite what people may say, high school students are not too old to go trick-or-treating; in fact, they usually end up pulling together some of the best costumes. Some of the most popular that were seen included pirates, mermaids, scarecrows, Joel Goodsen from Risky Business and, of course, Rae from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Not only were these costumes creative and impressive, but the surprisingly warm weather of 80 degrees made these outfits comfortable as well; no shivering from the frosty air and wishing you brought a coat like past Halloweens.


And with the conclusion of this spooky celebration comes the anticipation for what is objectively the best holiday season. As the cold weather finally begins to settle in, Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner and quickly approaching.