North Forsyth Designs New Healthcare Clinic


The classrooms in the clinic replace the old back room of the cafeteria. Students in all healthcare classes will share a commonplace for community learning.

Natalie Wilson, Co-Editor


In addition to the recently completed construction, North Forsyth High School has set aside a part of its yearly budget to improve its up and coming healthcare pathway. Inspired by the growth of other schools in the district, North is preparing to unveil a completely facilitated training clinic dedicated to the students who aspire to enter the medical field beyond high school. Equipped with hand washing stations, bars for clinical practice, outlets for equipment and more, the used-to-be lunchroom is now ready for Dec. when it will see its final renovations.
The classrooms are spacious and connected, designed to inspire a learning community among students in the pathway rather than separation by grade level, also providing seniors the chance to act as a mentor in prerequisite classes. There are rooms with rows of outlets, set up specifically to accommodate the brand-new clinic tables North will be providing for students to have a better and more realistic environment to practice their skills on one another outside of a typical classroom setting. Shelves and cabinets are waiting to be filled with blood pressure cuffs and stethoscopes and preparation tables are ready to see the official changing of gloves.
North’s new clinical space will be open to current students this upcoming Spring semester, but will not be completed until the 2017-2018 school year. While it is currently just a rumor, there is talk among the healthcare teachers that North may be considering purchasing a simulation patient that just looks like a realistic practice doll, but also features an active heart rate, verbal response to stimuli and even the ability to seize. Needless to say, the news is exciting for all of the healthcare classes to come, as North’s new facility will shortly find itself ranked as the best in the district.