Will Reading Fade Due to Technology?


Morgan Champion, Poetry Editor

With a sudden rise in technology, entertainment and the urban atmosphere, the citizens of the world have become obsessed with an ideology of everything that has ever come into existence—movies, TV shows, video games and hilarious viral videos of cats—will always be at their fingertips. Because of this mindset, older, less modern activities have become somewhat outproduced by the newer, more curious market of technology. Unfortunately, one of these activities is reading. With such fast-paced lives, people claim that they do not have time to sit down and leaf through the pages of a good book; however, there is a select group of avid readers who believe otherwise. So naturally, the question arises—will the act of reading a good book fade away within the coming generations? Will the world’s most famous authors become nothing but a thing of the past? The answer, of course, is that only time will tell.