How to Find Literature the Speaks to You


Morgan Champion, Poetry Editor

One of the most beautiful and underrated forms of entertainment in the world today is literature. Perhaps its lack of unpopularity is because our population is far too busy to pick up a good book in the hustle of their daily lives. Perhaps schools are not encouraging students to read for pleasure as much as they used too, or maybe people cannot seem to find anything literature-wise that interests them. No matter how uninterested and unspoken-to you may feel, literature is full of a number of stories with romance, battle, witches, wizards, monsters…and an infinite collection of other characters and plot lines. Today’s most popular novels, short stories, and poetry offer beautiful, mystical community in which readers have the opportunity to get lost within their favorite author’s ideas and maybe come up with their own.


So, fear not, here are my tips for finding literature that speaks to you, no matter your interests:

  1. Choose topics that you are passionate about, and read literature that revolves around them.
  2. Find literature that you can relate to so that you can value the characters and plot line more.
  3. Get to know your favorite author and his or her writing style and stories.
  4. Read age-appropriate material so that you can really understand every detail in the story.
  5. Pose questions to really connect with the characters, as well as with the plot.