Hailey’s Herald: Suppress the Stress


Hailey Yarbrough, Editor-in-chief

November is the month where many colleges close their early application portals and release their decisions in the later weeks. Students across the nation sit in anxiety and await to discover their future universities and paths, but the cruel admissions boards of each college revel in the prolonged stress of these high school seniors. By giving hints to proposed release dates, these institutions promote the act of teenagers refreshing status pages and biting their fingernails while pacing the floor all day long.

UGA revealed on their admissions blog in a succession of hints that their release date was before Thanksgiving, and later, they announced in a straightforward manner that the application statuses were to be uncovered on Nov. 18 early that afternoon. Many students were relieved to know when they could expect their college’s choice instead of waiting in worry and contemplation; however, others were horrified in the impending joy or sadness of that Friday afternoon and stalked through school filled with angst. I believe to eliminate this dread and sense of anxiety among peers, colleges and universities should randomly send out admission decisions without any precaution or warnings. This could eradicate the anguish of knowing when to expect statuses and create days filled with surprise.