Eight Unknown Campus Views

Kristin Iler, Staff Writer

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    • 1- This is the view by the New Gym just as you look over the “NF” fence surrounding the football field. It is where I enjoy spending my free time during or just before a Friday night football game, but it is also enjoyable any other time during the year.

    • 2- This is a view of the woods in between the football and baseball fields. I enjoy it solely due to the sounds surrounding this area. It is a peaceful sanctuary, and the best time of day to visit this area is around 1:15 PM.

    • 3- This view is just over the baseball field and toward the middle school. I enjoy it, because it reminds me of a painting with mounds of hay, a white picket fence, and a perfect line of greenery.

    • 4- Surprisingly, this is just beside the “D Lot”, and is by far the most extravagant and unknown view on campus. It features a quaint wooded path, but no one knows where this path leads. It is a nice spot to relax and seek quietness from.

    • 5- This view is actually from inside of the “800 Building”, from the front window at the top. Here, you can catch the bluest of skies, and the clouds floating around on a rainy day. Overall, this view is suitable for anyone who loves the sky.

    • 6- This view is also from the top of the “800 Building”, just adjacent from the second stairwell in the upper level. It shows the Foreign Language classrooms, North Forsyth Middle School, and the “A Lot”, but still features a peaceful atmosphere.

    • 7- This is the last view from the “800 Building”, and is in the very far corner of the upper level. From here, one can see just over the “B Lot” into the woods behind it. It is a very tranquil view.

    • 8- Just outside of the “500 Hallway”, there is a small patch of trees and grass where a great view is in sight. This is the view from the new bus loading and unloading area, and it is the best view for a warm, bright, and sunny day.

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