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Meredith Pirtle

Meredith Pirtle, Staff Writer

Every day, Meredith Pirtle strives to be different than the average high schooler. She values originality and strongly believes in individuality. She is a free spirit who often finds herself lost in the world of music.

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Do not be afraid to be you.

Pretty in Pink Prom

Meredith Pirtle, Staff Writer
May 12, 2014
Her yellow flowers remain.
Tears return to her eyes and sadness creeps back in,
Her yellow flowers see through the obscurity and soothe her pain.

Yellow Flowers

Meredith Pirtle, Staff Writer
May 12, 2014
Spring is a time of blooming. Throw on some shades, roll the windows down, turn on this playlist, and take in the sweet smell of blossoming buds.

Spring Fever

Meredith Pirtle, Staff Writer
February 24, 2014
Amid the 50s, the fashion rage was inspired by the culturally popular pin-up girls. Celebrities of the time, such as Marilyn Monroe, drew attention with cherry red lips and voluminous curls.

Something Old and Something New

Meredith Pirtle, Staff Writer
February 18, 2014
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Meredith Pirtle