Album Review: Interstellar’s “Winter Heart”


Photo taken by Noah Culver

The band from left to right: Patrick Reinhardt, Nick Pirtle, Sid Wilson, Jon Sheats.

Originating in Atlanta, Interstellar is a group of four guys who have a passion for making music come to life. Sid Wilson, the band’s lead singer, is native to Britain, and he brings an English emphasis to the music that is unheard of here in America. The band’s journey began a few years ago in England where songwriter, Sid Wilson, began composing lyrics. When he made his way to America, he stumbled upon Nick, Patrick, and Jon, who helped him put those lyrics to music, thus forming Interstellar. Together, they create a unique sound that entertains locally, as well as across the ocean in England. The band says, “Indie Rock n Roll. Music from the soul. No gimmicks.”

Their recent album “Winter Heart” was released this last November. The album flows with influences from timeless artists, such as The Beatles and Bob Dylan. It begins with a one-minute instrumental bit that sets up the rest of the album. Their radio hit “Holy Roller” begins subtly and then hits the listener with a rowdy guitar lick. The captivating lyrics of Interstellar’s music are paired with kaleidoscopic melodies that roll on to every song. Eileen Tilson from Atlanta Music Guide says, “Atlanta based Indie Rock n Rollers have an authentic British snarl delivered from front man Sid Wilson, ethereal soundscapes fashioned by guitarist Nick Pirtle, and killer backbeats supported by Patrick Reinhardt (drums) and Jon Sheats (bass).” For the one who is searching for a fresh, new sound, check out Interstellar’s “Winter Heart”.