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The Goose and the Sword

The Goose and the Sword

Kai Shabman, Staff Writer

November 22, 2019

The day was coming to an end; the world was quiet. I walked down the sidewalk as the streetlights lit the way home. The night was warm and light sounds of cars and insects filling my ears. I hummed a song to myself, nothing in particular just something to fill my head.    All of a sudden, I heard a clanking noise. I...

My Commonplace

“He who rides the sea of the Nile must have sails woven of patience.” –William Golding

Jessica Prouty, Staff Writer

September 14, 2015

Everyone has that one quote they will never forget. Whether it is from a movie, a book, or even something their best friend said in a crisis situation that made things seem just a little better, it is something that person will cling to when they need words of comfort. But why stop at just one? A Commonplace Boo...

Inspiration in the Stars

“You can't wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.” -Jack London. Photo used with permission by Austin Grey.

Jade Flack, Staff Writer

March 24, 2015

The abundance of stars, mesmerizing and captivating, strike my imagination and ignite my soul; a new life lies inside the burning figures in the sky. Two bright constellations create two beaming eyes. The yellow hazy dust, speckling the black above, paints the long waved hair. Instantly, a name comes...

From the Nuclear Gandhi to the Scottish Empire: How Gaming Can Spark Another Hobby

Watching the Mongols crush any opposition in Crusader Kings II has lead me into a long string of Google searches on the Mongol Empire.

Jack Scott, Staff Writer

April 30, 2014

The battle seemed inevitable; 21,000 enemy troops descended upon my capital city, defended by only 13,000 men, on three sides. The last bastion of my once-great empire seemed to be on the verge of collapse. The enemy forces built enormous ladders to scale the walls with. The opposition scaled the ladders...

Georgia Races

The finish line meets every participant at the end of each race and spectators wait eagerly for the runners to cross it.

Maddie Highland, Staff Writer

February 19, 2014

Love to run? Atlanta and local cities have tons of fun races to run! Some of the interesting races that anyone can compete in are the Pancake Stampede, the Color Run, the Cupcake Run, and the Zombie Run. The Pancake Stampede will be a race you and your stomach will not want to miss! A pancake break...

The Morally Ambiguous Chronicle of Billy Cheesecakes

Billy Cheesecakes's favorite animal was the unicorn. He would ride the beast through Jeruslalem and other cities as he commited his ethically dubious acts. Billy Cheesecakes's unicorn was known as the fastest mount in all of the Middle East.

Jack Scott, Staff Writer

January 24, 2014

The knights of Mordor Great Candyland were valiant slaughterers, addicted to the concept of death grand and noble men, who fought bravely for Mordor Candyland. They rode their demonhounds rainbow-barfing unicorns into combat, deathly pitchfork friendship lance in hand. They were prepared to do anything to defend thei...

Album Review: Interstellar’s “Winter Heart”

The band from left to right: Patrick Reinhardt, Nick Pirtle, Sid Wilson, Jon Sheats.

Meredith Pirtle, Staff Writer

January 17, 2014

Originating in Atlanta, Interstellar is a group of four guys who have a passion for making music come to life. Sid Wilson, the band’s lead singer, is native to Britain, and he brings an English emphasis to the music that is unheard of here in America. The band’s journey began a few years ago in England...

Interview with Myself: Music

Brandon and Brandon Moss sit together, minds a pair, as if a reflection.

Brandon Moss, Sports Editor

November 19, 2013

“Good morning, Brandon. You are looking great today.”   “You are too kind. You’re not so bad yourself!”   “Thank you. But let us not waste moments flattering ourselves. It’s time to get down to business. What are your thoughts on today’s music?”   “Well, music for me ...


Silence Speaks.

Noelle Walker, Staff Writer

November 11, 2013

I clamped my hands together and tried to calm myself. The silence was overwhelming. I couldn’t take it. I needed to hear someone speak before I grew mad. It had been three months of people with sealed lips who refused to open their mouth. I saw a cup on a wooden table and threw it against the wall....

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