Elizabeth Brady: Tattooing as a Profession

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  • Senior Elizabeth Brady with two of her many AP Art pieces. Photo by: Cynda Allen.

  • Brady working on a painting of her grandmother. Photo by: Cynda Allen.

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North Forsyth High School offers many different electives and pathways. These help students find their passion and use it to figure out what they want to do once they graduate. The visual arts pathway is just an example.


Senior Elizabeth Brady plans on being a tattoo artist once she graduates. She is collecting pieces from her past three years of art class to build her portfolio. In her last two years of college, Brady plans on transferring to SCAD, Savannah’s College of Art and Design. Taking visual arts has given her the opportunity to figure out if it is something that she wants to pursue in the future, which it is. She also enjoys being able to practice art daily.


Brady’s favorite projects include the plaster sculpture from Visual Arts One and the posterized grid painting from Visual Arts Two. There are no projects that she didn’t enjoy. Out of all three art classes, she likes AP Art the most because she has “full creative freedom and control” over what she makes.


Oil paint is her favorite medium, but she also likes using colored pencils. When she can, she does printmaking with linoleum and ink. Currently, Brady uses commissions as her job because she is unemployed and wants to move out in a few months. Commissions are open to anyone.


When asked who has inspired her in her life, Brady replied “My mom took a few art classes in college. Once she saw that I was interested in it, she took me under her wing. My grandmother is a painter and has had the most influence on my art. She has shown me her studio with the artists she works with.”


Brady has developed her art style through years of practice and improvement. She worked at Great American Cookies for two months and applied her knowledge of art to it. She has made a Yoda cookie cake, a handful of horse cookie cakes and a Vincent Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” cookie cake.


Outside of art, Brady makes music on SoundCloud. She hopes to pursue it on the side of tattooing. She also plays volleyball and has played for the past four years. 


Brady is one of the many talented students of North Forsyth High School. Through taking visual arts classes, she has found what she wants to do with her future career. Click here to visit Brady’s Instagram art page.