The Goose and the Sword


The day was coming to an end; the world was quiet. I walked down the sidewalk as the streetlights lit the way home. The night was warm and light sounds of cars and insects filling my ears. I hummed a song to myself, nothing in particular just something to fill my head. 


All of a sudden, I heard a clanking noise. It was like the sound of a thin, hollow metal pipe falling. I hesitated to turn around, but I took a breath, spun on my heels and standing a few yards in front of me was a white goose. I was taken back a little. It was holding a sword handle in its mouth. It looked like a knight’s sword. We made eye contact for a good seven seconds before it turned and ran the other direction, dragging the sword beside it making a constant scraping noise occasionally bouncing up a little over a pebble. 

“Wait!” I yelled after it

The goose started running faster when it noticed I was following close behind.The white goose continued down the street and I think onlookers thought I was crazy. I laughed a little when I realized what I was doing. The goose turned the corner and into an alleyway. I made a sharp turn as my shoes slid over the asphalt; I placed my hand down a bit for balance and looked into the alley with a smile. 

“Got ya!” 

But when I looked down the alley, it was empty. My smile faded in confusion, “where’d it go?”

 There’s no way that thing can fly while holding that sword. I turned to start walking back home, thinking about what just happened. But before I could even take a step, a blue light came from behind me. I looked down at the shadow in front of me and turned around again to see the goose’s head poking out of this sort of vortex. It dropped the sword in front of the vortex and looked at me like it was trying to get me to follow it more. 

I started to walk backwards, but the goose came out and bit onto my jeans pulling me to the vortex. 

“I can’t believe I’m about to take orders from a goose.” I murmured, picking up the sword and spinning the handle in my hand. As it lead the way, I reluctantly followed it in. This was the start of something big, I could feel it.