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2022 First Four March Madness Game

The Madness of March

Jackson Blackwell, Staff Writer March 25, 2024

The ball is tipped Scripts will be flipped The tournament has begun Every team strives to be number one   Top teams will fade History will be made Unpredictability looms The winner, no one will...


Moments Before Junior Prom

Katelyn Tillotson, Staff Writer February 28, 2024

  Butterflies twist and turn throughout my stomach as the clock approaches four, the time he should be here. I run my hands down the front of my dress to straighten it, the sparkle of glitter and...

Oh, to be a kid again with no worries except when the next big wave is coming.

Oh, to be a kid again

Kinley Waltman, Editor-in-Chief February 13, 2024

  In the soft glow of twilight, I find myself wandering back, To the days of bare feet and endless summers, When time was a concept foreign to me.   No structured routines,...

Grandfather Clock at C.R. Smith Museum

Through the Years

Jackson Blackwell, Staff Writer January 25, 2024

Through the years you go We are born into the world that we know We don’t remember our very first years In the blink of an eye, that time disappears Making friends that you may keep forever Hopefully,...

Kids enjoying playing outside without a care in the world.

How The Times Have Changed

Cilla Fulwider, Staff Writer December 14, 2023

  Remember the times, The times when you woke up early, Ran a brush through your hair,  Then called it a day.    The times when you went outside all day, Ran around and...

Fourth Quarter Krypton Fanfare vs Ole Miss

‘23 Dawgs

Jackson Blackwell, Staff Writer December 14, 2023

We were the championship favorites to enter the year After two of them in a row, that’s what we wanted to hear The past two years, we had won it all But we still knew the streak was bound to...

“Ships on a Misty Morning” by Ivan Aivazovsky

Death’s Doorstep

Iris Chiofolo, Opinion Editor November 28, 2023

the objective is merriment, a lifetime of frustration. what is the point? if not for infatuation.   it bears repeating of our frail mortality, the most minuscule choice ends...

Home is not always a building, it can be a person too.


Cilla Fulwider, Staff Writer October 30, 2023

Here I stand all alone In the place I used to roam When I get a call from the phone Wishing that it is was from my home   Home is someone that you meet Who makes your life feel complete Deep...

A picture of a clock ticking describing that time waits for no one

Time Waits For No One

Kiera Walker, Staff Writer October 21, 2023

Life is fading  It is fleeting  It is transient  As much as people try they cannot ignore it   I never thought  I would see someone who I live with  Grow in two months right...

 Chaos around a growing tree.

Silliness All Around

Kinley Waltman, Editor-In-Chief October 18, 2023

In a world full of chaos, just you and me, Unhinged and wild, let’s be carefree. With laughter and silliness, we’ll roam, In our fun-filled world, we’ve found our home.   No worries,...

The race to the finish line.

The Finish Line

Grace Hutka, Staff Writer September 17, 2023

We have worked so hard for this all year. We have grown as a team and as individuals. We finally made it to nationals. We hear our team get called to the stage. We freak out hearing that we have made it...

“Gathering Storm” by Ivan Aivazovsk

Farewells In Spring

Iris Chiofolo, Opinion Editor September 12, 2023

your glances are poison, staining my heart, the longer I linger, the harder to depart.   your hands are like fire, singing my skin, none of this you may know, my animosity...

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