Georgia Races


Photo by Maddie Highland

The finish line meets every participant at the end of each race and spectators wait eagerly for the runners to cross it.

Love to run? Atlanta and local cities have tons of fun races to run! Some of the interesting races that anyone can compete in are the Pancake Stampede, the Color Run, the Cupcake Run, and the Zombie Run.

The Pancake Stampede will be a race you and your stomach will not want to miss! A pancake breakfast is being dished out before and after the race. This event is serving up some delicious food and fun times on Saturday, February 8th at Newton College and Career Academy in Covington, Georgia. Stomachs all over the state are gearing up for as many pancakes as they can hold.

The Color Run is held at the Atlanta Motor Speedway on April 5th and supports uniqueness and individuality. Just imagine clouds of powder paint swirling all around, staining the white-clothed mass of people with brilliant pinks, yellows, purples and blues. Thousands of people all around the world are joining in on this experience to get fit and have fun.

Another popular race is the Cupcake Run. Who would not want to run a 5K and then indulge in fluffy cupcakes? The Cupcake Run offers exactly this. Cupcakes are provided by Gigi’s cupcakes, and runners can also sign up there or at the two Totally Running locations. Runners should register before February 15th if they want to be guaranteed a shirt.

The Zombie Run is a 3.1 mile fun run in which humans are chased by zombies. Sign up as either a human running from the bloody zombies, or as a zombie stumbling after human flesh. If signed up as a zombie, a full-out make-over will take place before the race to create the most terrifying and gruesome costume. Or come as a human to take on the obstacle-filled course while battling against flesh deprived monsters trying to steal lives from the life strip the humans carry. In Atlanta, the Extreme Zombie Run and the Black Ops Run are offered. This race takes place in Atlanta, but the exact location is to be announced. Come out on May 24th and experience the apocalypse.

Have fun picking out a race, and enjoy the wind blowing through your hair as you run towards the finish line.  Stay hydrated, and do not give up!