North Students’ Top Fishing Spots

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  • Senior Nick Stuckey fishing on Lake Lanier. Photo by: Scott Beard

  • Junior Clay Seay fishing with buddies at their pond. Photo by: Tucker Lea

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Recently, North students have chosen to spend their free time on the water, fishing. Some enjoy fishing in ponds, but many prefer the lake and other rivers. Here are North students’ top fishing spots.


Many students live on or around the lake, which gives them easy access to the best fishing spots. There are also many parks on Lake Sidney Lanier that people can fish in. The most common is War Hill in Dawsonville because it is close and convenient. Not only can campsites be rented at War Hill, but students can also fish, swim and hang out with buddies. Students have caught plenty of fish at War Hill, the most common being the small bluegill. 


Mountain View is the next park on the list. Only some students know about this park because of how secluded it is. There are many places to fish around the park. The most common is by the boat ramps. The park is a straight shot across from Port Royale Marina, which means many boats come by. This causes less fish, but if any are caught at Mountain View, it will most likely be a large striper. 


Another student-favorite is Bethel Park because of the easy access from Georgia Route 369 and the easily accessible boat ramps. Bethel Park has walking paths that follow along the lake. These paths allow anyone to go between spots if they are not having any luck. At this park, it is common to catch small bream and smaller-sized bass.


Tidwell Park has been known for its boat launches into Lake Lanier, but it also features a family-friendly beach to lay out in the sun and swim. Junior, Cadie Warren, expressed, “I go to Tidwell Park for sentimental purposes. It brings back memories from when my grandma and I used to fish together.” This park is a great place to go with family, spend the day at and make memories. The waters at Tidwell Park, which is off Georgia Route 400 at exit 16, are deep and great for striper fishing. Many students have found that fishing with nightcrawlers is the best way to attract stripers at this park. 


Ponds are also a great place to fish. Senior, Luke Mendez, stated, “I fish at ponds because they’re secluded, and it’s more likely to have more fish biting.” Lake Marie, which is connected to Lake Lanier by Taylor Creek, is still considered a pond. It is secluded and a great place to fish with friends and family because of the open spaces. In Lake Marie, there are many good-sized carp that are easily caught by boilies. 


The Polo Golf Fields in Cumming has three ponds, each containing mass amounts of bass; they tend to go after stick baits, curl tail grubs and spinnerbaits. The ponds are easily accessible, and there are never many people. It’s good having three ponds there because if a student isn’t having any luck at one, there are two more to try their luck at. 


Neighborhood ponds are also a great place to go because they are close to home and have larger-bred fish. These fish will most likely bite at live bait and top-water jigs. Junior, Wilson Alldredge, commented, “I fish in my neighborhood pond because it gives me good vibes.” Not only do these ponds carry large fish, but they are also very inviting and a wonderful place to hang out with buddies.