North vs. South: Raiders Push To Playoffs


Photo by Chase Samples

The North Forsyth football team dominated the field under the friday night lights of Raider Valley against the South Forsyth War Eagles. North pulled out yet another victory Friday and they will be advancing onwards to playoffs.

The odds were stacked against us. South has a better record than us, and they are ranked higher than us. We didn’t let that stop us at all. We used that to motivate us, and we beat South for the state playoffs. This is the first time in four years we have gone to state playoffs. South fought hard, but we fought even harder. The only thing we had was home field advantage, and the will to win. Some of us didn’t think we were going to win because they were better than us.

That just made us even stronger. As it came to game time, the senior players, cheerleaders, and band members got to walk on the field with their parents. The student section was ready and bundled up for the cold. South received the kickoff off, but we retained it to make are first touchdown. We had to win this game with 5 or more points to go to the playoffs if Lambert beat west.

So that’s what we did. When we won the game, the student section roared with excitement. The final score was 17 North 12 South. Friday Night Lights are not over yet, Raiders. State bound against Archer; let this be the year we win state.