Poachers: The Deadliest Thing in the Woods


Photo by Chase Samples

Cannot hide poaching; in the end, someone always knows what you are doing

Everybody fears something when they walk into the woods. For some it is bears, and coyotes, the list could go on and on. For me it is poachers. Poachers are the deadliest thing out there, because they have already broken the law and will do whatever is necessary for them not to be caught. I have dealt and am dealing with them currently, and let me tell you this they are not fun at all. Nothing makes you madder than seeing illegal game harvest and your precious live stock go to waste, rotting in the sun. You also never have an idea where they are and when they are their which could be very dangerous or even fatal. Keep reading to find out more what a poacher does, what they do, how to find out if they are on your land, and most of all how to stop it.

What is a poacher? A poacher is someone who illegally takes game unfairly like spotlighting, which is taking a bright light and flashing it in a deer’s eyes until they become paralyzed and shooting them. They could be hunting off food. They might go on land that is protected during hours they aren’t allowed to hunt. There are some many more ways they poach. The worst part about all of it is that most of the animals just let them sit there and rot out in the sun. They do this because they get a thrill of breaking the law and hoping they do not get caught.

Most people try to handle poachers by themselves. Do not do that. Because poachers can be very dangerous. You would be surprised what people would do just to avoid being. First, see if they come back and try to get a good estimate of where they are going. Second, if you notice that they are coming more often, buy a trail camera, but hide it well so they don’t see it. Third, check your camera every week or so and see if you get a good picture of them. Fourth, if you get a picture of them do not, at any cost, approach them; give it to your local game warden and tell them what is going on so they can help stop it and catch the person. The person that you might be dealing with may not know that they cannot hunt on it, and they can help straighten things out. Also, if you do not have no trespassing signs get those and put them up.

What should you do if you walk up on a poacher in the woods? Do not go talk to them and attempt to handle it yourself. Try to take a picture of them if you can. If you get spotted, do not threaten them or make them feel threatened. Act like it is not your land get their name and number so you can “let each other know when you are going hunting.” When they lend you this information contact a game warden and tell him what’s going on. When the man or women calls you too go hunting let the game warden know that you gave out your information, too. Do not go there when the game warden is there, unless he tells you to come.

Always call in people who are poaching Safe hunting!