Living in North Georgia

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  • Abandoned farmhouses in Georgia make for beautiful scenery and provide shelter for wildlife.

  • Fall is coming in suburban North Georgia, and this neighborhood plans accordingly.

  • It’s 5 o’clock in the Blue Ridge region of Georgia: time for a quarry engineer to make his way back to his family for dinner.

  • In the midst of abandoned construction equipment, a camera shy stray finds safety behind a 15 ton bulldozer.

  • In the mountainous landscape of North Georgia, hiking trails range from novice day-hikes to full on expert backpacking trails.

  • In the driveway of a father of four, a 1976 triumph TR6 waits patiently for a Sunday afternoon drive.

  • As one of the most sought after views in North Georgia, Cloudland Canyon earned its reputation from its beautiful rock formations and scenic campgrounds.

  • Enjoying their long weekend, a family spends time together hiking a North Georgia trail.

  • The Appalachian Plateau region of Georgia is filled with untouched spans of wilderness that are protected by DNR under the Georgia Wildlife Protection Act.

  • In North Georgia, quarries and soil packaging firms employ hundreds of middle income workers.

  • In the heat of an outdoor tennis match in Windermere Subdivision, two young men talk strategy and regroup for their second set of doubles.

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Georgia is one of the most magical states in America. The wide range of climates and terrain give it beautiful scenery no matter which region you find yourself in, and the communities of genuinely happy southerners are surely the some of the most interesting in the South. In the northern half of the Peach State, you will find peace in the mountains, friendship in the suburbs and sanctuary in the farmland. Living in North Georgia is certainly an adventure, and every passing day is like a new breath of fresh air.