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Nike Introduces Hijab for Female Muslim Athletes

(Photo By: CNN Money) Emirati figure skater Zahra Lari told CNN news,

Kristin Iler, Sports Editor

April 26, 2017

In recent weeks, Nike has created a prototype for a hijab. It is designed for the Muslim Female athletes who were complaining about the comfort of their traditional hijabs while competing. The hijab is designed with the Muslim rules in mind. For example, it is breathable, but also opaque, which i...

Worst Time Machine Ever: Nazism Revived in 2017

Above is a screenshot taken from YouTube of Richard Spencer, leader of the alt-right movement, being punched in the face mid-sentence by a protester at Trump’s Inauguration. The alt-right movement, as Spencer explained, has taken Matt Furi’s popularized drawing of “Pepe the frog” and attached it to the Alt-right movement as a symbol for white nationalism, which just proves that 2017 is just as disturbing as 2016.

Ashton Bruce, Staff Writer

February 28, 2017

For the first time in about sixty years, Nazism makes headlines once again--which is not the new part since Neo-Nazism as a regime has been lurking in the dark spaces of the internet since the internet began—but the shocking part about it is that people seem to be defending Nazism in a way that is...

The Spirit Behind Japanese Martial Arts

An aikido practitioner throws his counterpart during his test to rise in “belts”.  Aikido,

like Karate, is one of the martial arts to have emerged from the older fighting schools of Japan.  

(Used with permission from the Butoku of North Georgia Facebook page)

Bim Peacock, Literature Editor

March 8, 2016

A flow of tradition has opened wide across the ocean between Japan and America. Since the time of the Shogunate’s fall in World War II, their foods, their stories, their art, countless things have melted into our culture from our island brothers. Beyond the many superficial ideas, however,...

What Once Was a Diamond

One of the astounding minarets rises from the Blue Mosque, located in Istanbul, Turkey.  These works of architecture show the remnants of the beauty and innovation of the Islamic nation.

Bim Peacock, Staff Writer

May 12, 2015

Before the days when religion ruled mankind, before the days when it would even bother to kill for such a petty thing, a proud civilization rose from the sands of the east that would witness the world rise and fall.  From the Tigris and Euphrates, the city-states of Sumeria were born, farming and fighting...

Path to Heaven

Heaven may not be what many imagine it to be. We have to look farther

Jacob Blodgett, Staff Writer

May 8, 2015

Heaven: a shining place full of wonder and light, where souls enjoy the afterlife in peace and happiness. Around the world, cultures speak about a “heaven” with great rewards. In most, eternal happiness is guaranteed and enjoyed. In others, instead of going to heaven, souls are reborn over the course...

Journey Through the Underworld

The pit awaits, awash with flames and darkness. Watching and waiting to swallow sinners whole.

Jacob Blodgett, Staff Writer

May 5, 2015

The Underworld: a place of fire and brimstone where evil souls are thrown into its dark maw and punished for all eternity. Around the world, different cultures believe in different versions of the underworld that range from a solemn, wandering existence to a flaming landscape filled with demons waiting...

Stop Erasing Me

One of these things is not like the other; one of these things does belong

Emma Franklin, Senior Editor

April 28, 2015

My grandmother is from the Philippines. She was born there, raised there, and then married a white man: my grandfather. They had six children, and the children look Pilipino. One of them was my father, who married a Japanese girl, and then a ginger girl from Tennessee. I am pale but I am not white;...

Putting a Face on Nations

The flag of the United States flies above the flag of the US State of Georgia on a flagpole. According to US law regarding the handling of flags, the US flag must fly above a sub-national flag on a flagpole. The US flag and the flag of any other sovereign country must be placed beside each other on flagpoles of equal size.

Jack Scott, Staff Writer

March 6, 2015

There is no modern country that does not have a national flag. Even the Vatican, home of the Pope, has a flag. These designs provoke a spectrum of emotions inside humans, like fear or anger or pride. Flags invoke a variety of feelings, yet they are just sheets of cloth with designs on them. Humans a...

French Class Takes on the Paintbursh

This is one of the many pieces of art that the French classes saw on the field trip. “It (painting in the style of the artist) makes them think more and feel deeper about the art,”  said Ms. Surin.  The photo is used with permission from Rai Havins.

Rhiannon Martin, Staff Writer

December 16, 2014

Coinciding with the class’s trip to the High Art Museum in Atlanta on November 12, Levels Two and Three French Classes at NFHS are currently working on a project about French artists and how they impacted art. In the project, the students are required to complete a research paper and to paint in the...

Around the World in 25 Countries

The giant sphere that holds the Spaceship Earth ride is visible in all parts of Epcot. Spaceship Earth looms over everything else in the park, so onlookers can see it no matter where they are in Epcot. The sphere, besides being an impressive sight, can also serve as a directional beacon, as it is located near the entrance of the park. This is most helpful to those who are stuck in the Food and Wine Festival, as they can easily guide themselves back to the entrance of Epcot.

Jack Scott, Staff Writer

October 31, 2014

Every autumn, a section of Disney’s Epcot Park is transformed into a surreal and sometimes confusing conglomeration of culinary culture from all over the world. Chinese monasteries stand aside Norwegian stave churches, attracting crowds of people weary from the blistering and oppressive central Florida...

Pretty in Pink Prom

Do not be afraid to be you.

Meredith Pirtle, Staff Writer

May 12, 2014

What do you think when you hear the word “prom”? Big hair? Glamorous dresses? High heels? If you are anything like me, you hate all of those things, but that does not mean you can not go have the time of your life at prom. The thing most teenagers do not know is that prom does not have to be all...

Lost Spirit

The world reaches far beyond the bounds that any word could capture.  Out there, out in the wilderness, or even just within the walls of a foreign, exotic city lay the answers to all of life’s struggles.

Bim Peacock, Staff Writer

March 21, 2014

Let’s go play video games!  Let’s watch TV all day!  Let’s read a book about a pointless made up world similar to ours!  Let’s sit inside and rot away in the darkness! What has our culture come to?  Humans were born to trek across the world and witness the miracles of the universe.  Yet...

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