Path to Heaven


Jacob Blodgett

Heaven may not be what many imagine it to be. We have to look farther

Jacob Blodgett, Staff Writer

Heaven: a shining place full of wonder and light, where souls enjoy the afterlife in peace and happiness. Around the world, cultures speak about a “heaven” with great rewards. In most, eternal happiness is guaranteed and enjoyed. In others, instead of going to heaven, souls are reborn over the course of time. Depending on the culture and religion, “heaven” could be different from what we originally thought.

In most versions of heaven, the soul goes on to live their afterlife in joy and peace. Heaven is described by many religions and cultures as a place full of light and life, where songs are sung eternally. In Egyptian mythology, if the heart is good and passes the test of Ma’at’s Feather of Truth, the soul goes into a heavenly garden where it will remain young and enjoy the pleasures of the otherworld. The Norsemen believed that, when they died in battle, they would join Odin in Valhalla and feast with him and other warriors until Ragnarok, the end of days.

In the East, many believe that souls are reborn in a never-ending cycle based on how a soul acted in a past life. If one were pious and good, then they would move up in the system. The concept leaves no room for a proper heaven, however, the goal of the cycle is to become enlightened and end the suffering of the cycle. When this is achieved, the souls join other enlightened people and break the cycle.

As with Hell, the living cannot know if heaven is fiction or reality. Heaven could simply be a story made up when people die. During the American Revolution, to increase morale, a story of a heaven filled with eternal pleasures was told. In this heaven, houses were made of pastries, and roasted geese walked around waiting to be eaten. The men fought and did what they believed was right so they might earn that paradise.

For any person, religious or otherwise, a place where suffering and pain is nonexistent is where one wants to go after death; a place where the good deeds in life are rewarded and celebrated. Perhaps that is the message of Heaven: to do good in this life and be kind to others.