Adventures in Costco


The store seems to go on for miles, a wonderland of bargains and boxes.

Emma Franklin, Senior Editor

Costco is a large building full of consumer products and this summer one came to my home town; I did not have it in me to stay away from the grand opening.

We went there with one mission: to buy a television. My grandmother needed a new one and we got a membership specifically for it. Though the televisions were right up front my dad and grandmother could not stop debating the merits of various brands eventually I got bored and decided to explore the store. My mother decided to come along too, as she wanted to see whether or not paying for a Costco membership was worth it.

There is not really a cohesive whole on how the store is set up. The food and household products are shoved off to the back and side, with the middle being a mish-mash of everything else where candy lies across from athletic socks which can be found next to gourmet truffles. Somewhere between the books and the clothing I got lost. In my confusion, I sought the quietest corner in the Costco and finally, I found it: the back wall with the bottled water and soap. I just sat there surrounded by the solitude and quietness

In the end, we came out with things that we did not even know we needed. I have concluded that this membership is too dangerous.

This big box store is a convenience for people who are going to feed a family of six, or maybe a doomsday preper, but for my family of three, the boxes are just too big. For those willing to brave the crowds and want three gallons of mayonnaise, Costco is the store for you.