How To: School Organization

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  • A messy binder will not promote good learning habits, so clean your binders out regularly.

  • Adding binder tabs will keep the binder organized throughout every unit.

  • Before you put materials back in your binder, organize them.

  • Agendas will keep you organized and updated on all assignments.

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Kristin Iler, Staff Writer

There are numerous ways to become organized, but staying organized is a different story. Keeping yourself structured is easy with these simple steps: clean up your binder, keep your agenda updated at all times, and make sure your learning area is tidy.

Binder organization

Begin by taking all of your papers and supplies out of your binder. Next, take all your papers, and separate them by certain categories (homework, in class work, extra paper, trash). After separating all of your papers and other materials, throw out the trash, and go buy some binder tabs. (Can be found at any office supply store.) Label each tab with the different segment names of your paper stacks. Clip the tabs into the binder, and put the papers in their designated spot. One way to keep from getting your binder into a big mess again is to try to refrain from putting papers or assignments into the front pocket of the binder. I advise labeling the binder that you’re using it for: It doesn’t have to be fancy décor, because the label is only to help you from getting your classes’ binders mixed up.

Agenda Organization

Getting your agenda organized is quite simple and easy. All you have to have is a little motivation to finish assignments and other projects. Keep your agenda on hand at all times, because you never know when a teacher is going to assign something to the class, and you’ll want to be able to write it down immediately.

Home Desk Organizing

Here’s a suggestion: treat your learning environment as if it were a multi-subjected binder. In other words, keep it very organized. You NEVER want debris or loose assignments in the space that you complete homework. I recommend having a file folder for everything you do at your desk. If you have a computer, you might want to consider making virtual folders your electronic assignments. Keep a trash can and/or recycling bin around the space at all times as well, so you can toss out the materials that you don’t need.

Maintaining your school supplies is a very simple task. From your binders to your home surroundings, all it takes is a little knowledge and incentive to do the job right. By following these simple tips, and creating the good habits for organization you should become more prepared, and it should be easier to stay on task.