A Breath Taker


Photo used with permission from Austin Gray.

The sun sets amidst the azure sky. Honey colored wheat prospered in the clearing at the center of the woods. This area served as a resting place and to catch one’s breath.

Hailey Yarbrough, Sports Editor

No one knows my name,

Nor will they ever.

I am seen at few occasions

When the earth shows its wonders.

Subtle and rarely,

Invisibly I steal

A precious item to all:

A breath of life flowing in a being.

When you see a single monarch

Fluttering between the blooming cherry blossoms.

When a wild stallion of midnight black

Gallops amidst the white foam

Of a roaring sea crashing on the shore.

The smell of roses

On a first date,

The sight of a mother and her newborn baby,

And the tears

Cascading down a lover’s cheeks

As a loved one reaches those golden gates above.

I am there.

Pulling from your awe opened jaws,

I steal from your lungs a stream of air

Provoked by magnificence and allurement.

I can be found where the natural glamour recedes

And felt when a heart is overcome by pure simplicity and elegance of life.

I am a breath taker.