Expanding Anxiety


Many people deal with anxiety on a daily basis. When it first makes an appearance, it seems insignificant, but over time, slight nerves grow into severe anxiety.

Danielle Stone, Staff Writer

It started out small,

Nothing too bad.

But it should be

long gone by now.


It’s gotten much worse,

I can barely stand it.

It’s not just nerves anymore,

It’s a constant, looming cloud.


An everyday battle

Just to leave the comfort of my home.

Constantly hiding in the shadows

Out of fear of even speaking to anyone.


Confrontation is a nightmare.

I can’t even talk to others

Without internally suffering

An uncontrollable panic attack.


It’s gotten to the point

Where I can’t go anywhere

Without constantly

Looking over my shoulder in fear.


My paranoia has become unruly.

If I hear someone laughing,

I automatically assume

It’s at my expense.


Constant fear of judgment and rejection,

And bathing in self-loathing.

Living like this,

Is not really living at all.