The Sad Truth about High School


Kristin Iler

Students that take time out of their day to help others out deserve more recognition. They are kind enough to help us out, and we should be thoughtful enough to thank them. Say ‘thank you’ to someone who does an overlooked favor.

Kristin Iler, Staff Writer

North Forsyth High School has one of the best school systems in Georgia, but it faces one major setback: a lack of common sense among the student body. The simplest of tasks seem to be hard to overcome by the student body at North Forsyth High School. For example, it has become evident that something as easy as walking through doors correctly has been a reoccurring struggle for the students here.

Including myself, the other freshmen at North Forsyth High school have only been here for three-fourths of a year and we already have to find alternate routes to certain classes. The main hallways have become overcrowded and crammed with belligerent upperclassmen, forcing their way through the crowded corridors. The rush is understandable, but it gets out of hand. Students who are in a hurry bullet through the hall in a path of destruction, and they are sure to make some three or four other students late to class.  They are not worried about manners of courtesy. It is all about getting to where they need to be.

The second of many problems that I see is the hallway doors: students that think they are cool wander through the halls, closing the doors that allow the wings of every hall to be connected. This causes a huge problem when the overcrowded mess of students begins transitioning to their next classes. It makes everything go slower and back it’s up even more than normal. It is very hard to get those doors back in position.

We do have a select few students on campus that take time out of their busy schedules to stop and reopen the doors, or help a peer clean up the destruction that a careless student has caused. For that, everyone at North Forsyth High school should be thankful. The students that are helpful to us are usually not acknowledged for what they do. They chose to do it when no one is watching. They should be recognized for the kindness that they pursue when everyone else has ignored the situation to prevent from having to do the chore of helping others. Thanks, students of North Forsyth that still possess kindness, sympathy, and recognition for other situations other than your own.