Being a Bird


A bird lives life in a witty excitement. It never has worried about the hectic ways of life that we humans live. Picture used with permission by Austin Gray

Kristin Iler, Staff Writer

I observe dawn break into a vivid sky of the deepest watercolor blues you can imagine,

To think that I am gazing at wonders of Earth,

And asking how it happened.

I admire the perching birds singing their glorious melodies,

They seem to carry the songs within their wings.

Without a doubt, they send an array of tunes to one another; creating perfect harmony,

I wonder if they ever thought about being something different.

Do they wish that they had the unstoppable wings of a dragonfly,

Or even the legs of a human that can swiftly run by

Do they wish to be different like me?

Oh, how glorious being a bird would be.