Everyone Needs to Watch: Orphan Black


What would happen, and what to do when life is someone’s experiment. Sarah sees one a doppelganger which sets of a chain of events that no one could see coming.

Emma Franklin , Senior Editor

Warning: This post contains spoilers; they will be kept to a minimum, but they are there.

Orphan Black is a science fiction television show on the BBC that does not get nearly the amount of attention that it deserves. It is a genuinely good show, casted with talented actors, a plot centered on women and enhanced with amazing special effects.

The premise is this: Sarah Manning, a con artist sees a woman, who looks exactly like her, commit suicide by jumping in front of a train. Sarah steals her identity in order to get money for her daughter to get out of foster care. During her stint as this woman, who is named Beth, Sarah uncovers a clone conspiracy, through a phone that the other clones keep calling “Beth” on. Along with the other clones she attempts to get to the bottom of the conspricy.

There are five main clones but in total there are thirteen and the amazing Tatiana Maslany plays all of them to perfection. There is Sarah the criminal, Allison the soccer mom, Cosima the scientist, Helena the assassin, and Rachel the pro-clone (she has been aware of the clone experiment since she was young). They are just the tip of the iceberg. These women try to figure out what it means to be amongst clones, and they try to protect their family and friends while becoming increasingly suspicious of them. The series explores Individualism and the struggles and exploitation these women have faced as literal science experiments. It shows how far people are willing to go in the name of science and religion.

This show is personally interesting because, it centers on women and their relationships with each other and themselves. Best of all there is no love triangle in sight.