Struggle Is Just a Word

When did our world come to this?

Austin Gray

When did our world come to this?

JoAnn Ahn, Staff Writer

Big girls don’t cry, but yet, they do

Why are there labels for me and you?

The pain in our hearts no longer obtains a limit

Little by little, how can we understand it?

The struggles that we face are becoming massive

We all crave acceptance, attention, yet still remain passive


Shaken by words, hurt by exclusion

Trust no longer exists, so there’s all this confusion

When did our world come to this?

Some with no hope for the future, some with no bliss

Arms once wide open, fall on their own

Daily tragedies chill every bone

Beauty is praised, insecurities are disfavored

Humans are no longer loved nor natured

If the madness all around doesn’t cease

There will be no known remainder of peace

Let’s bring our society to loving again

Because if we keep going like this, there may be no end

Love, peace, faith, and hope

If these are all present, the world can finally cope

Struggle is just a word

A life full of possibility is preferred