Paris Fashion Week 2015 Overview


In Chanel, model Cara Delevigne started off the show with greased down hair and dark eye makeup.

Megan Hoffman, Staff Writer

The ‘ready to wear’ Autumn/Winter 2015 collections of Paris’s most expensive and tasteful brands in the industry are here. March 3rd through 11th was the iconic Paris Fashion Week. Throughout this week, shows have been broadcast all over the world. I am going to highlight what I believe the biggest statements and the best wardrobes this fashion week.


The show was exquisite, but the muted tones and small pops of color were far too popular this season to be seen as new and exciting. However, some aspects of the show really popped. The beginning of the Lanvin show started off very minimalistic with very little fringe detail. Throughout the show, the fringe became more prominent, and the pieces became more extravagant.  The earrings and shoes in Lanvin were the most eccentric pieces seen from Alber Elbaz in a very long time. Giant gemstones took the place of the normally unexciting jewels in Lanvin’s show.


In Chanel, model Cara Delevigne started off the show with greased down hair and dark eye makeup. The small detailing and tweed fabric showed off Chanel’s classic Parisian style. Along with showcasing the classic style, Chanel’s brought back the 1957 classic dual toned slingback heel. The show incorporated a French café vibe into the classic show. The models were snacking on French pastries and wearing traditional apron skirts throughout the show.


Celine was no doubt the most unique show throughout fashion week, while most designers incorporated dark tones with lace and fringe, Celine’s designer, Phoebe Philo, used color blocking and zebra print to liven up her show. The entire venue was bubblegum pink, and the models’ hair was fixated to exclusively fit the separate outfits on the runway.

Elie Saab

Black was the all-around trend throughout the show. The show progressively introduced more colors, yet removed them just as quickly. Towards the middle of the show, pantsuits and the usual watercolor theme became prominent. The watercolor details in this specific show have been quite a fashion week favorite. The overwhelming theme of black returned for the final walk, showing onlookers exquisite black furs and lacey detailing.


Valentino showed black and white designs; all following a very minimalistic pattern up until the long sleeved lace trimmed gowns entered the runway.  The gowns followed Valentino’s pre-fall collection without skipping a beat. The intricate detailing mimicked the night sky and created a very elegant movement when walking down the runway. At the very end of the show, Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson strutted down the runway, announcing a sequel to Zoolander with their token comedic flair. Critics have mentioned that this seemed like a cheap marketing decision, but the show was very drab until graced with the comedians’ hilarious walk.

John Galliano

As usual, the John Galliano show starts out very big, with long trench coats over lace detailed gowns.  Hombre turtlenecks, bowler hats, and sequins graced the runway very often during this show. The dual strapped colorful shoes have a similar style to Lanvin’s velvet double strapped heels. All around, the show showed promise but had no real centerpiece or turning point.