: Stress is one of the most dangerous enemies possible for a high school student at the end of the year.

Jack Kern, Staff Writer

Burning, itching, never leaving.

Taking over the mind, refusing to cease.

The concern of what is coming,

a fear like that of decease.



You know you’ll be fine,

you know that it’s alright.

But it seems the stars align,

and they say you’re not right.


That feeling, that sign,

it makes so much sense.

That shiver down your spine

spares no expense.


It makes you feel like a failure,

but you know that you’re not.

You’d be doing yourself a favor

if you disobeyed what it taught.


Stress is a killer,

And a ruthless one, too.

It does its job well,

If only you knew.


If it is underestimated, it wins.

It will make you a meal,

from your bones to your skin.

Don’t let stress destroy the things you feel.